Control Module Service from the Specialists!

Here at AutoModuleGods, we understand that almost everything can be too expensive these days.  The last thing one needs is to be burdened with high costs, after a vehicle has broken down.  Our mission is to offer a reliable option at a price you can afford.  We will make sure, both you and your vehicle are back on the road and working again!

While in the Air Force, in my spare time to make a little extra money I began selling car parts on eBay from a single bedroom apartment (military pay is not the most lucrative career choice).  As the operation grew, and the apartment became packed with various sorts of automobile parts, I had to start using storage units to carry my massive inventory (the wife insisted).  After separating from the military, I went back to school (to work on my masters) and also worked for one of the largest parts companies in the industry.   Working on the corporate side educated me on how a successful operation could be ran and built the personal relationships needed with suppliers to have access to the best parts available.  Over time I was determined to prove that parts supplying could be done better, and AutoModuleGods was born.  My hopes are that I will always be able to offer great jobs to good people, and great parts to the people that need them.  To keep us grounded; we donate a portion of earnings to veteran’s charities.

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