Send your auto control module to us and we’ll perform a full diagnostics check, absolutely free of charge*. It’s easy!

  • Complete the Module Service Request form below

    You don’t even need to talk to us to get your FREE* diagnostic underway

  • Send your module to us with the Service Request Form

    Don’t forget to include the form! We’ll need to know all the details you can provide

  • We’ll call you as soon as diagnostics are completed

    Our technician will communicate clearly what’s wrong and what it will cost to repair

  • We complete any work you approve and ship the module back

    Return shipping for all repaired modules is FREE*

Once you have submitted this form you will be sent an email copy. Please PRINT the email. Package your module safe and secure and remember to include the printed email inside the package. We must receive your form details with the module to be able to process your repair.

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*Diagnostics will be performed by AutoModuleGods free of cost, however if you opt not to proceed with any repair services, you will be required to pay for return shipping costs.

Service turnaround time once we receive your module is normally 48 hours (weekday service) and all modules are returned via tracked postal service.

Every effort will be made to ensure diagnostics provide an accurate report of the condition of your module. By sending in your module for diagnosis you agree that: a) AutoModuleGods will not be held responsible for misdiagnosis by us, your auto specialist or yourselves, and b) AutoModuleGods is not in any way responsible for any other vehicle part, feature or function that connects with or otherwise related to the module being sent for repair.

AutoModuleGods is not responsible for postal service delays or any damage or loss in transit for any module sent to us, we do however warranty delivery of repaired modules for return.